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NCADD Middlesex County has several available resources that you may use to find out more information about alcohol, tobacco, and other drug addictions and to get any needed help. 

Follow the links below to learn more about each available resource:

  • Help for Addiction Problems: Find out how to access NCADD's self-administered online screening tool or confidential Referral Helpline. Also learn several ways to obtain substance abuse prevention and treatment information. 

  • Video Lending Library: Those who live locally to our offices in East Brunswick, New Jersey may borrow videos from our video lending library. Videos must be picked up and returned to the library in East Brunswick.
  • Resource Directory: View a copy of NCADD's resource directory online or request that a copy be mailed to you.  The resource directory contains helpful information about support groups, outreach programs, outpatient services, and more.  It is available in English or Spanish.
  • Facts and Information: Helpful links to learn more about some terminology associated with alcohol, tobacco, and other drug-related addictions.

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