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NCADD of Middlesex County offers several programs to support the school communities.  Professional training, staff in-service training, parent education, curriculum development, Prevention Resource Center, and classroom-based prevention programs including are all offered by NCADD. 

The chart below offers a brief description of each classroom-based program offered for students.  For more detailed information, click on the program name. For a complete overview of all NCADD programs, click here for our programming brochure.

Program Name

Target Audience

Brief Program Description

Grades 2-3

This six-week program helps young children build a strong foundation of life skills rooted in key social competencies. Footprints is listed on the National Registry of Effective Programs and Practices (NREPP) and identified by the New Jersey Division of Addiction Services as an evidence-based program.

Forest Friends

K-Grade 1

Six-week conflict resolution & anger management program incorporating ATOD.

Keys to InnerVisions (KIV) 

Grades 6-9

Teaches youth how to change their beliefs and self-talk in order to change their behaviors. Helps students cope with life stressors. Program teaches goal setting, new ways of thinking, and new skills to use in stressful situations. Program has been evaluated independently by Rutgers University and has demonstrated significant knowledge, attitude and behavioral change on the individual  level. Identified by the New Jersey Division of Addiction Services as an evidence-based program.



Carteret High School students

This partnership creates a safe, structured environment within the school to address the social and health needs of our students, ensuring that they are better able to graduate, become employable or continue their education, and lead physically and mentally healthy, drug-free lives.


Safe Dates

Intended for male and female middle- and high-school students 12 to 18 years of age. 


A school-based program designed to stop or prevent the initiation of psychological, physical, and sexual abuse on dates or between individuals involved in a dating relationship.  Since violent behavior is often tied to substance abuse, Safe Dates may be used in conjunction with drug and alcohol prevention and general violence prevention programs. Safe Dates been identified as a model program in the National Registry of Evidence-based Programs and Practices (NREPP). The curriculum meets multiple National Health education academic standards for both 6th - 8th grade and 9th - 12th grades.


WNBI 2.0 - We’re Not Buying It

Grades 6-8

Modular program focusing on reducing early first use of alcohol, marijuana, tobacco, and prescription and over-the-counter medications. Bullying (including cyber) has its own lesson, as does an examination of media’s role in promoting each of the above. Rutgers University contracted to provide an independent evaluation to measure changes in knowledge, attitude, and behavior on the individual level.

NCADD of Middlesex County also publishes an informative monthly newsletter for educators entitled:  What’s New for Schools

For more information on any of the programs described above, please contact:

National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence
(NCADD) of Middlesex County, Inc.
152 Tices Lane
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