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Acts of Prevention provides an alternative to traditional prevention activities.

Arts and prevention programming assists children and adolescents with the demands of "growing up" in society today; dealing with hardships, social issues, stress, and illness through creative expression can make a world of difference in how the child or adolescent makes future decisions . For youth, the arts provide a different perspective on their lives, a chance to imagine a different outcome and to develop a critical distance from everyday life. No other activity allows us that voice. Arts and Prevention programming makes room for us individually, collectively and culturally to say things we might never get to say.

The program is comprised of a thirty-minute dramatic presentation followed by a thirty-minute interactive dialog with the audience as actors stay in character. Programming can assist by developing resiliency and increasing emotional, behavioral, cognitive and cultural competencies.

Acts of Prevention provides options, challenges, and an effective means for promoting growth and change. Rutgers University has been contracted to provide an independent evaluation to measure changes in knowledge, attitude, and behavior on the individual level.

  • Risk Factors Addressed: Early first use, Peer pressure, Favorable attitudes toward ATOD, Early adolescent anti-social behavior, and school dropout
  • Target Population: Middle- and high-school students
  • CSAP Strategy: Prevention Education (through drama)
  • Process: One-hour session (30 minute drama and 30-minute dialog). Five (5) script options available.
  • Evaluation Measures: Standard feedback evaluation for adults to gauge youth reaction and plans to incorporate information into daily life

Programs are available to an agency, school or organization, please contact us 732-254-3344 or via email at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Funding for the Acts of Prevention program made possible through a grant from the PNC Foundation.


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