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What's New for Schools is a newsletter that provides educators with teaching tips, insight into today’s youth, and information related to addiction among our youth.

Issue Feature Article

November 2014 Bullying – Have We Made a Difference?
October 2014 Schools and Rx Prevention – Perfect Together
September 2014 Kids with ADHD at Risk for Future Substance Use
June 2014 Helping Children Cope with School Transitions
May 2014 Dangerous Season for Teens
April 2014 April is Alcohol Awareness Month
March 2014 Ten Ways to Foster Resiliency in Children
February 2014 Home & School Programs Work!
January 2014 New Year’s Resolutions for Teachers
December 2013 Holiday, Alcohol, and Teens A Dangerous Combination
November 2013 Products Like E-cigarettes, Hookahs and Cigars Gaining Popularity Among Teens
October 2013 Is a Recovery High School Coming to New Jersey?
September 2013 Recap of News You May Have Missed
June 2013 Preventing Drug Abuse Can Happen in Schools
May 2013 Middle School Prevention Program Helps Cut Later Prescription Drug Abuse
April 2013 The Need for a Discussion of the Link
Between Alcohol And Sexual Assault
March 2013 Targeting Personality Traits to Reduce Teen Drinking
February 2013 Danger in a Can
January 2013 Monitoring the Future: Some Good News
December 2012 Depression and Students
November 2012 Dealing With Students’ Stressful and Traumatic Experiences
October 2012 National Campaign Aims to Prevent Medicine Abuse Among Teens
September 2012 Help Students Get Their Head in the Game
June 2012 Early Substance Use Linked to Lower Educational Achievement
May 2012 The Need For More Effective Drug Education for Youth
April 2012 The Crucial Role of Alcohol Awareness Month
March 2012 Educator`s Guide to Children Affected by Parental Drug Abuse
February 2012 CDC Releases Parent Engagement: Strategies for Involving Parents in School Health
January 2012 Increasing Parent Involvement in School


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